Acupuncture Services for Patients Undergoing IVF in British Columbia, Alberta, & Manitoba

Integration of Traditional & Modern Reproductive Medicine

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The IVF Acupuncture Group is a team of doctors specializing in providing quality, evidence-based acupuncture services for patients undergoing IVF in Greater Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge, and Winnipeg.

When administered properly, acupuncture has been shown to increase ongoing IVF pregnancies significantly. A recent meta-analysis published in the British Medical Journal found that acupuncture performed immediately before and after embryo transfer (on site) increased the odds of a clinical pregnancy by 65%. In Vancouver we are available 7 days/week for on site embryo transfer day acupuncture treatments at the Pacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine (PCRM), Genesis Fertility Centre, and Grace Fertility Centre.

Other studies show acupuncture can increase implantation rates, reduce the risk of miscarriage, decrease occurrence of ectopic pregnancies, and reduce stress. Our acupuncture protocols are based on the above mentioned medical literature.

The IVF Acupuncture Group doctors also offer individualized treatment plans using acupuncture as well as both Chinese & Naturopathic medicine for couples who are preparing to conceive (via IVF or naturally), or who are experiencing difficulty conceiving due to known or unexplained factors. Treatment plans for preparing to conceive are designed to optimize hormonal function, improve egg quality, increase sperm vitality, improve thin endometrial linings, reduce stress, regulate immune factors, promote healthy weight management, as well as addressing any issues with digestion, sleep, bowel or urinary function, and emotions. Click on the links in the right column for full information on the treatment of specific reproductive conditions.

Once you have conceived, treatment is continued in the first trimester to reduce anxiety and the risk of miscarriage. Acupuncture is also useful for labour preparation in the month before your due date.

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Dr. Spence Pentland, founder

I was thankful for the treatment before and after the transfer. Because it was onsite, it was only a few feet a way, which meant more time to let the embryo "snuggle in". It greatly helped to relieve all the tension that I felt leading upto the transfer. Dr. Pentland was of course (and still is) a good sounding board and offered some great advice for the day of the transfer.

I found it to be relaxing and calmed me down a little. I was super nervous as not knowing what the outcome is going to be in a few weeks time especially since I have had treatment done many times and have been unsuccessful so thought I would give accupuncture a try as it is supposed to help with blood flow and all. Having the clinic onsite is great, helps decrease some of the stress of having to drive around to places and make it for the transfer on time. Thank you so much to Dr Pentland he was great!

Loved it ! Just having you there was calming for me because you've been there right from the beginning with us and it would have been weird if you hadn't been there. I went into the transfer very relaxed and I'm certain it contributed to our success.

Amazing service. Relaxing, great to be on site, all questions were answered. And successful, can't be better than that!

The acupuncture was helpful in that it was relaxing --- taking your mind off the transfer. The heated bed and blanket was quite nice as the room is somewhat cool. Overall... enjoyable experience.

I found the whole acupuncture experience to be very relaxing. I would highly recommend listening to the IVF meditation mp3 that Dr. Pentland suggested, before embryo transfer. It made what could have been a stressful day a very positive experience. I was also very appreciative that Dr. Pentland is on site at the PCRM clinic and that there was such a smooth transition to the embryo transfer procedure.

After 6 rounds of Clomid and a failed IVF cycle, I explored the option of IVF acupuncture for my second IVF cycle. Having acupuncture on my embryo transfer day gave me the confidence that my body and mind were at their epitome of relaxation. Also, having it done on site gave me the calming, positive and warm thoughts I was seeking for the moments leading up to my embryo transfer - and the relaxation right after. I am currently 22 weeks pregnant with twins. I truly believe Dr. Pentland's help has contributed to my success!

I enjoyed the service, it was quite relaxing to be in such nice surroundings, I particularly enjoyed the heating pad

It was relaxing during a stressful time. Great to have it next door. Nice to try and relax pre-transfer. You feel rushed with the procedure it's great to have the "down" time to relax and focus on the embryo transfer afterward.