Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (including acupuncture, herbal medicine, diet, relaxation, feng shui, lifestyle and exercise) has been used for thousands of years to enhance fertility and promote longevity. Using a holistic approach, emphasis is placed on achieving the best possible balance and vigor for both parents, and creating the most hospitable environment for a developing baby to grow. The health and wellness of every baby is considered to be a reflection of their parents’ constitution and lifestyle choices. The more balanced you are, the better your potential for fertility is. Preparing your body for conception and pregnancy is an important notion in Chinese Medicine, as expressed by the ancient proverb, “Before you plant the seed, first nourish the soil”.

A substance referred to as Essence (Jing) is an important aspect of fertility from a Chinese Medicine perspective. A woman’s Essence refers to her eggs and egg quality; a man’s Essence refers to his semen and sperm quality. Abundant and flourishing Essence is necessary for a successful conception; however, it is not the only important factor. The circulation of blood and energy to all organs of the body (including the uterus) should be smooth, painless, and nourishing. The body and the spirit ought to be free of pathogenic influences in order to maximize our reproductive potential.

The regularity and qualities of a woman’s menstrual cycle point towards her state of balance. A regular, pain free period with a healthy red flow containing a minimal amount of clots is an important foundational root of health. Menstrual cramps, scanty or heavy bleeding, very dark or light blood, non-smooth flow with clots, fibroids, endometriosis, or menstrual irregularity suggest that something is out of balance, and may be affecting fertility. Similarly, complaints such as migraine headaches, pre- menstrual syndrome, acne, back pain, or changes in digestion around the time of a woman’s period indicate disharmony in her body.

The qualities and quantities of a semen sample can indicate a man’s state of balance. Proper exercise, diet and lifestyle choices can all have a positive impact on the sperm. Pathogenic influences, fatigue, stress, toxins, and a poor constitution can affect sperm in a less desirable way. Chinese Medicine strives to correct any imbalances in order to optimize fertility.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is holistic – while reproductive health is an important goal when seeking to maximize fertility, health and balance of the entire body is equally important. Your Chinese Medicine Doctor will want to know about your sleep, digestion, perception of body temperature, thirst, sweat, urine, aches & pains, energy and more, as these are clues which reveal the overall state of balance in your body. Because the more balanced you are, the better your potential for fertility is.