IVF / ICSI / FET / IUI Support

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There are a number of treatment options available to support you during your IVF cycle, to increase your chance of success and to improve how you feel. Options range from just one or two acupuncture treatments on the day of embryo transfer to a full course of complementary and alternative medicine treatments leading up to that day, and throughout pregnancy. Click here for full information on specific treatment protocols.

Acupuncture is a simple painless medical procedure that involves using small needles to stimulate specific points on the body. Recent medical research has shown the effectiveness of acupuncture for;

  • Reducing stress to increase overall well-being
  • Improving pregnancy rates in conjunction with IVF & Clomid
  • Improves blood flow to the reproductive organs
  • Balancing reproductive hormones
  • Regulates immune function required for implantation
  • Regulating the menstrual cycle & ovulation
  • Improving sperm parameters
  • Reducing painful conditions & inflammation
  • Increasing sexual function
  • The following treatment plans are recommended for acupuncture support before, during, and after your IVF cycle;

  • Acupuncture support leading up to, during, and after an IVF cycle
  • Acupuncture for Male Factor Infertility
  • Acupuncture to support the first trimester of pregnancy
  • Click here for full information on specific treatment protocols

    Embryo Transfer Day Acupuncture

    When your doctor tells you that your follicles (eggs) are ready you will be given an injection of HCG, 'the trigger'. It is at this point that the dates of your embryo transfer are known. Two calendar days after 'the trigger' you will go to the IVF clinic for your oocyte pick-up (OPU) or egg retrieval. Three to five days after the oocyte pick-up (OPU) will be your transfer dates (this depends on the labs opinion of how the embryos are progressing 'in vitro', they will keep you posted along the way). However, it is only the day before your actual embryo transfer date that you will be told the precise time your embryo transfer procedure will be.

    Therefore, as far as the administration of acupuncture on embryo transfer day is concerned, there are 2 important times to call or email your acupuncturist;

    1. when you know the date of your HCG 'trigger' &/or oocyte pick-up (OPU) so that they can schedule you for tentative day 3 or 5 transfer dates
    2. when you get the phone call from the IVF clinic telling you the actual embryo transfer date and precise time the procedure will be.

    On the day of embryo transfer, you will meet your acupuncturist 1.25 hrs before your scheduled procedure time (i.e. transfer time is 10am, acupuncture is at 8:45am). This is a 20-30 minute pre-procedure acupuncture treatment. Then, post-embryo transfer procedure, once the nurses have discharged you, a second 20 minute acupuncture treatment is administered. These treatments help calm the woman and optimize uterine receptivity.

    ***A special note about the filling of your bladder; start drinking water as instructed by the IVF clinic early in the morning the day of procedure. We will assess the condition of the bladder when you arrive for your pre-procedure acupuncture treatment. If it is too full you will be asked to empty your bladder and drink 500ml before the acupuncture is administered.