Miscarriage Prevention

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To date, modern medical science has done very little to advance the treatments associated with recurrent early pregnancy loss or miscarriage. Evidence is beginning to demonstrate the beneficial effects of preventing miscarriage with acupuncture.

Acupuncture administered once per week throughout the first trimester physiologically increases the amount of blood (nutrients and oxygen) that reaches the developing fetus, creating an optimal environment for baby to thrive.

Combined with Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture helps modulate autoimmune reactions during early stages of pregnancy that often result in miscarriage. Blood clotting that manifests because of these conditions (ana, ala, apa, etc) is also reduced, helping ensure the growing embryo has adequate blood supply.

Acupuncture also reduces nausea and the high stress levels that are so often associated with advanced maternal age pregnancies or women that have miscarried in the past. When the mother-to-be is relaxed, blood flow to baby is optimized.

Lastly, eating a diet of foods that are right for you allow the body to more easily digest and produce vital substances (such as blood) for the mother and growing embryo.