Stress Relief

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Acupuncture is well known for its potent effect on relieving stress. Many couples turn to acupuncture before and during their IVF cycles to help reduce stress and alleviate anxiety. During these stressful times, finding coping mechanisms that work for you is important to optimize your chances of conception.

When one is inflicted with high levels of stress the body reacts by flooding the blood with 'stress' chemicals that direct blood flow away from the reproductive organs. Blood is the messenger of nutrients, oxygen, and gonadotropic IVF medications to the developing eggs and uterine lining. This simple correlation emphasizes the need to manage stress and anxiety when trying to conceive and carry to term.

Generally, 1-2 treatments per week in the weeks leading up to embryo transfer help reduce stress and optimize the ovaries response to IVF.

For more research on the effects of acupuncture on patients undergoing IVF visit our research section.